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Holistic Fractional Growth and Marketing Leader. Find out where in your product, marketing, sales, or team you're lacking, why, and achieve the growth you always wanted

The (Almost) 5 Star Mentor and Coach

I have a 4.99 rating on GrowthMentor and I’ve gotten over a dozen testimonials on Linkedin from happy clients.

"Farzad is a genius! He has a special gift of understanding the psychology of business. He is able to explore and define the needs and personalities of leaders and employees and improve their communication and remove barriers that block productivity"
"Farzard is a master of nurturing campaigns, He knows all the tricks you have to put in place to get the most out of you nurture programs."
"Farzad is an excellent business consultant. He is a master of thinking strategically and asking the right questions. We were struggling to understand how to create OKRs that matched our company goals. He saved us last minute and went a step further by helping us discover what we need to do to implement our new OKRs"

Recent Work

Company: B2B SaaS

Length: 3-Months

Cost: $3,000/Month

    • Advised and coached existing sales and marketing teams on best practices.
    • Wrote and improved cold  outbound outreaches and email marketing campaigns
    •  Helped overcome deliverability issues.


Company: Influencer SaaS

Length: 3-Months

Cost: $14,000 Total

  • Set up CRM (Hubspot) for Sales and Marketing
  • Create playbooks and operations for prospecting, outreach, and sales calls
  • Hired and trained a sales team of 3 AEs and 3 BDRs
  • Developed strategic planning framework using KPIs and OKRs for easy handoff. 


Company: Marketing Agency

Length: 9-Months, Ongoing

Cost: $1,000/month

    • Trained CEO and Cofounder in project management, people operations, and strategic planning
    • Trained, upscaled, and mentored the existing team.
    • Give directions to the executive team on how to solve pressing issues


Company: B2B SaaS

Length: 3-Months

Cost: $8,000/month

    • Designed and set up Customer Insights function from scratch 
    • Developed initiatives to increase retention and engagement. 
    • Built customer success from ground up and set up CRM (Salesforce), reporting, automations, and playbooks

"Farzad is an excellent resource and a master at the designed set of KPIs and OKR. He has been a real gem to us and our community. He makes sure all the deadlines are met with the highest standards. I would highly recommend Farzad"

Hi, my name is Farzad 👋

If you're looking for a holistic approach to growth that will unblock your growth, you've come to the right place! I'll help you unblock growth in all areas of your business, from product to marketing to customer experience, so you can start seeing results fast. 

I'm a multi-time founder with +10 years of experience in sales, marketing, and customer experience strategy working at top tier Venture-Backed Silicon Valley companies. I've mentored, advised, coached and consulted over 100 founders and executives growing their startups.

Coaching and Mentoring Services

business, man, people-3021398.jpg
  • Executive Coaching 
  • Go to Marketing Strategy (GTM)
  • Design, audit, and validate OKRs and business goals
  • Business plan creation, validation, and audit.
  • Customer development and alignment strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Startup idea validation and venture thinking.
achievement, success, mountain
  • Marketing and positioning Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy Consultation 
  • Email Deliverability Consultation
  • Newsletter growth and design
  • Nurture campaigns for inbound leads
  • IP and domain warmup
  • Email campaigns creation and management
  • Email review, editing, and coaching
  • Copywriting, landing page design, and marketing positioning
training, training course, business training
  • Coaching support and success team and leaders
  • Customer journey mapping
  • User experience/user interface audit and consultation
  • Optimizing onboarding emails, calls, and flow
  • Growth strategies using upsells, cross-sells, and organic growth
  • Getting customers to evangelize (case studies, reviews and referrals) your product for free inbound marketing and social proof
mentor, startup, mentorship
  • Setting up CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.) and outbound prospecting (Apollo) platforms.
  • Review and write cold emails
  • Lead generation and prospecting
  • Coaching sales team on pitching and demos
  • Sales psychology training
Farzad patiently diagnosed and explained things to me in a way that I could understand. Our call was super technical. A broken unsubscribe link, DNS flaws, figuring out when to bring in the dev team, when to not use double opt-ins, working with an old email list, and warming up after a domain migration were just a few of the things we discussed. Our team managed to implement 60% of those recommendations in the next 4 hours because he shared the right documents with me as we spoke.
"I had a fantastique call with Farzad. Giving him 20 stars out of 5 🙂 Really useful for me. I am ready to implement some of the new ideas immediately. Farzad went even beyond and spent extra time with me. I definitely recommend meeting him."
"Farzad always brought transparency, clarity and due diligence in the transactions we had with [him] for our customer solution. His big asset I would say is his transparent communication and communication he does with the vendor. I would recommend Farzad [to] any customer facing team for sure"

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Are you maximizing your most valuable assets?

Are you measuring the right things?

The most effective companies measure how well they are meeting their customer's needs. Let us do away with only focusing on month over month revenue growth or feel good ways of measuring churn. Metrics should match customer needs

Are you thinking strategically about growth?

Having a growth mindset is all about thinking strategically and long term about your customer experience. The most powerful companies, whether they are Amazon or Toyota, got to where they are by creating evangelists out of their customers. Maximizing your customers' lifetime value is the key to growth. An important part of that equation is turning your customers into evangelists.

Are your customers evangalist for you?

How many of your customers have written a review, given referrals, acted as references, or been the subject of case studies? Your customers can give you the highest ROI on marketing. Use them.