How Erxes is increasing signups, retention, and engagement with FK Consulting



Erxes is a Mongolian company that is creating an impressive suite of features. They want to be the one-stop shop for modern software marketing, sales, support, and project management needs. 

MJ Amartaivan, Co-founder and CEO, came to me to improve their customer experience for their open-source users. Retention, signups, and engagement are not where they need to be. MJ and his team needed someone to guide them. After working with me they had:

  • A designed set of KPIs and OKRs to measure against with specific action steps needed to achieve each. 
  • Defined and projects, and actions needed to measure, track, and implement steps to improve onboarding, growth, and retention.
"Farzad is an excellent resource and a master at the designed set of KPIs and OKR. He has been a real gem to us and our community. He makes sure all the deadlines are met with the highest standards. He is a hardworking and dedicated person who will complete your project in a given time frame. I would highly recommend and endorse Farzad"
MJ Amartaivan
Cofounder and CEO at Erxes

The Story of Erxes

Erxes has a lot of amazing features: Email and SMS marketing, CRM and lead scoring, Shared inbox and in-app messenger, and even a task manager. They are growing their SaaS offering every day and bringing on some lucrative enterprise deals. But Erxes has the dream of becoming the WordPress of the marketing world through their open-source offering. This dream took a back burner while the team has had to focus on enterprise deals to keep the lights on. 

While they’ve spent an incredible amount of time making their software open source and easy to install, they’ve had some challenges with onboarding, growth, retention, and engagement of their open-source users. 

Having worked with me before, MJ knew that I’ve been a founder and advised founders on their customer experience. He saw firsthand my scientific, evidence-based approach to the customer experience while I was his CSM at Nylas. He needed an inquisitive and curious person to dig deep into what needs to improve.   



Improved documentation: Designed a new layout for the docs to simplify the onboarding and create a step-by-step guide.   

Set up onboarding emails: Open source customers were not getting any guidance. We ideated how to change signup flow to capture emails and create onboarding cadence.

Made getting support more effortless: It wasn’t clear how to contact Erxes for help. The previous solution also has no accountability, statistics, or easy search. We came up with a plan to move support to a new platform

SEO and Content marketing: Erxes has features that compete head to head with popular apps like Intercom. We discussed different blog posts, improvements to the website, and marketing opportunities to improve inbound marketing. 

Improving the landing page: Reviewed the landing page and gave feedback on how to make content clearer and 

Understanding customers: It’s hard to know how to market, who to market with, how to change the customer experience, or what product changes are needed without understanding your customer. Came up with a plan on who to contact and how, plus what to ask and measure. 

Overall strategy: We dug deep into what Erxes’s medium and long-term goals are, why those are the goals, and how to achieve them. We looked at what metrics are important and why. All of this led to a set of KPIs and OKRs to measure against. 

Don’t want to pay exorbitant prices for Intercom or Hubspot? Tired of switching between Zendesk and Trello? Start fulfilling all your sales, support, chat, project management, and marketing needs with Erxes Open Source. It’s completely free, takes 30 minutes to install, and requires no coding.